Somatic Experiencing
December 15, 2015

Dr. Peter A. Levine pioneered the field of Somatic Experiencing; a multidisciplinary area of study to assist in trauma resolution. His life’s work has developed in to an international non-profit that works to spread the gift of trauma healing through education, training and a large directory of practitioners. The SE Institute has a wealth of knowledge and a large user base eager to develop and heal. However, with a great volume of information, comes an organizational nightmare. Condensing 50+ pages to a manageable number, distilling lengthy paragraphs to their essence and directing different groups of users to the most relevant data will help the organization push forward towards their goals.

Navigating the droves of information contained in the SE site is no simple task. There are a number of personas utilized with a separate path carved for each user’s experience on the new site. Potential students, current students, active members, trauma suffering patients and casual browsers all have different intents and require varying amounts of information within the site. Quickly identifying your specific need is a top priority. By condensing the mountain of pages into manageable sections with large, direct and actionable areas, visitors can quickly identify where their needs will most likely be met.

The SE Institute maintains a large database of both classes and active practitioners. Filtering and locating the required data is an archaic and daunting task on their current site. Intuitive, quick filters help narrow the field. Keeping results to just what the user needs, developing answers that quickly and easily increase conversion rates.

Training and Events database user interface

Mobile User Interface - Database Filtering
Mobile User Interface – Database Filtering