Requesting the honor of your presence
Come Fly With US
A Tactile Feel

There is just something about a nice piece of paper. One with a nice tooth and some emotion to it. No thermal printed, super smooth, coated receipt paper here. We need a classic typeface with just a touch of modern on some nice 100 lb text. Now that’s a ticket to a first rate event. Grab your bag and hop on board for an epic journey with two amazing individuals.

Pack Your Bags

With your ticket in hand and your RSVP returned, you’re ready to fly away to an elegant evening with friends, family, pretty dresses and fancy suits. Celebrate the beginning of a life long journey for the bride and groom. Harken back to the golden age of american air travel and forget about the modern problems for a little while.

Let’s Get Away

Vacation anyone? Forget all that negative stuff you only remember about air travel once you are at the airport. It’s time to relive the glory days of aviation! Prop aircraft, boarding on the tarmac, leg room for days and a real 5-star meal. We were thinking something along the lines of Leo DiCaprio and Catch Me If You Can. Mmmm fancy. You too? Great, lets do this!

The Golden Era
Back in the good old days air travel was a lot like a wedding. A confined space, probably people you don't know, but great conversation, delicious dinner and free booze! What could be better than living the high life for the evening? Relive that magical era of Pan Am with the bride and groom at this aviation themed wedding; complete with classic aircraft table markers (they're not lovely parting gifts).