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Sketchwork for user interface
Smartphone + Keyless Entry
Sketchwork for app frontend
Isn’t it obvious?

Remote keyless entry has been a wonderful addition in the auto industry. The convenience of having a key fob in your pocket with quick access to your vehicle, as well as starting it, has revolutionized the way we interact with vehicles. A few issues still lay within this technology however. Key fobs, while small, are still additional bulk in a pocket or purse. They only serve one purpose, are expensive to replace if lost or damaged and can be easily misplaced around the home or office. Smartphones are a part of everyday life, interfacing with numerous other devices and services in our lives.

The Product

Having multiple vehicles in a family gets interesting when people need to switch cars. Operating a driving service with numerous vehicles and different drivers all the time can be tricky. The ability to combine all your key fobs from countless vehicles into a single device would be a tremendous time saver. The capability to allow all authorized users access to this database via cloud storage can increase work flow for a business as well as quality of life when your significant other needs you to run out to the car and grab the groceries in the middle of December.


Car service companies with multiple drivers and vehicles switching on a regular basis could hop in any vehicle required and be ready to go without swapping keys. Families and individuals with multiple vehicles could share, swap and have access to each other’s vehicles. Husbands can be sent to the car for groceries without riffling through a purse. Auto manufacturers could utilize the technology as an aftermarket addition for new vehicles and eliminate the need for the key fob altogether.

Identity + Design
It seems obvious to integrate smartphones in to life in as many ways as possible. Vehicle key fobs are no exception. They are a familiar part of life in the technology age. The familiar rounded edges, sleek lines, and distinct buttons are simple to understand how to operate. They take little time to figure out and things just work. These are the keys to the Fobvious identity. Fobvious involves a traditional website to push potential users to the app as well as allow current users to manage their fleet and security settings. The iOS application allows users to set up and sync vehicles, manage basic settings along with operate the lock/unlock function and keyless ignition operations.