Laporte Wedding
Up close mountain heart
Laporte Wedding
Detachable RSVP and info card
Laporte Wedding
Return envelope
Laporte Wedding
RSVP with song request
The Deets

Wedding invitations are a reflection of the soon-to-be Mr. & Mrs. They are a sneak-peek of the epic event to come. They serve a distinct purpose, but can be so much more. The experience of opening an awaited invitation is a welcomed experience for future guests. By combining the invite and RSVP into one card that tears away to be dropped in the mail, we engage people. Let the anticipation build with a song request on the RSVP. Now stick that invite card on the fridge and wait with bated breath.

Young Whipper Snappers

Two young people meet while working for the National Forest Service in beautiful Colorado. They spend each waking moment of time together among the evergreens, eventually falling in love and planning the quintessential Colorado mountain wedding. Complete with all the trees, critters and mountain-y jazz you can think of. Just one minor detail; they don’t want any of that stuff. They help fight forest fires, love the active Colorado lifestyle and are anything but cliche mountain-y people.

Not your typical Colorado wedding

Why not play up the fire theme with all kinds of axes, flames and catchy “burning love” phrases? Because that’s not what this is about, that’s why. These two live and work in the down and dirty life of the forest service. No need to bring that over to the wedding. Besides, these two clean up nice.

Plus a song request
He has strong Kentucky roots and basically only wears UK blue apparel. She might as well be a native of Colorado. They are both young, hip and happening cats with a sense of humor. Add a touch of tradition to match the Victorian Tapestry House venue and voila. We have one rockin’ invite that is modern with a note of tradition, engaging, interactive and a reflection of the happy couple.