Waterway + Komen
June 8, 2015

Fundraising Fun
Waterway has a small business feel, with big business ideas. There are regulars that know the staff. The staff knows the regulars, they go to school with their kids, attend church with them and take care of their special request without needing to be told. Waterway is a part of the community within which they reside. Giving back to the community is part of being part of the community. Breast Cancer Awareness month creates an important way to return funds to the community that keeps Waterway on top of the car wash game.

Breast Cancer is no laughing matter
However, that doesn’t mean we can’t have some fun raising money for a good cause. A unified involvement across all levels of the Denver market is important to the success of the event. Relate the event back to what Waterway does best for stellar community involvement. Getting the word out to the people is equally important to the success of this event.

How do we raise awareness for awareness?
Waterway is blue. The logo, buildings, shirts, pants, hats, signs; it is all blue. Want to mix it up? Put 30 people outside in some pink shirts and wristbands, then have them start drying off some cars. Team up with a great foundation, known in the community. Hit the entire database of 10,000+ members with an e-blast announcing the event in support of breast cancer awareness and have the whole team ready when they arrive.

$2500.00 donated to a great cause and even had some fun in the process!